The Daniels Art Directive, a student-led club at the University of Toronto (UofT), in collaboration with Daniels alumnae, Ashita Parekh and Tolu Alabi, installed a temporary mural “Support Black Designers.” on the Daniels Building featuring writing and artwork from Black creatives. This mural is a call to action for dismantling systemic racism in the discipline of design. Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, it calls for the urgent investigation and rectification of racism in workplaces and academic institutions of design.

The mural is a community-driven project. Comprising 248 pixels of both written pieces and artwork. 

Meet the Team

Ashita Parekh



Ashita Parekh was born & raised in Mumbai, India, and is an alumna of the Daniels Faculty. She completed her undergraduate degree, in Architectural Studies, at the University of Toronto in 2016 & her MArch Urban Design degree from The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London, England in 2017.

She currently works as an Urban Designer at Perkins&Will. Ashita is also a freelance writer.

DAD Members

Ava Pouralborz, Curator, Daniels Art Directive

Christina Lin, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Jennifer Nguyen, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Kha Den De, Member, Daniels Art Directive 

Michelle Ng, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Sanjana Patel, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Tarek Mokhalalati, Curator, Daniels Art Directive

Ying Zhou, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Design + Fabrication Team

Tolu Alabi - Lead Designer / Website Manager 

Ashita Parekh - Lead Designer / Installation Manager 

Aliya Karmali - Lead Installation Fabricator

Janet Ma - Lead Installation Fabricator 

Kha Den De - Lead Installation Fabricator 

Tarek Mokhalalati, Curator, Daniels Art Directive

Michelle Ng, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Paul Boken, Mulvey & Banani Lighting (MBL) 

Rory King, TPL Lighting

Sanjana Patel, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Ying Zhou, Member, Daniels Art Directive


Adimchi Atisele

Elmer Lyu, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Grace Yin

Hakima Hoseini

Jeevandhar Mallapur

Parampreet Caur

Salma Raji, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Shikha Jagwani


William Chen, Lead

Kha Den De

Aliya Karmali, Lead

Daniel Lewycky

Janet Ma

Bukhtawar Shahbaz 

Grace Yin


Ava Pouralborz, Lead Designer

Tolu Alabi, Lead Designer, Mobile

Sanjana Patel, Lead Designer

Ying Zhou, Lead Designer/Manager

Tolu Alabi 


Tolu Alabi is an alumnus of the Daniels Faculty. She completed her Undergraduate degree at UofT in 2016 and Master of Science in Urban Planning also at UofT in 2018. She currently works as a Zoning Examiner for the City of Toronto.

Featured Artists


Deon Best 

Fiki Falola 

Karla Dawn

H. Maiga 

Hannah Flores 

Marlon Gibbs

Paida Ogunbiyi 

Renée Powell-Hines

Yusef Rasheed Frasier 

Daniels Staff Leads 

Nene Brode, Manager, External Relations and Outreach

Naveed Khan, Manager, Workshops and Building Services

Hannah Brokenshire, Senior Communications and Media Relations Officer

Lily Jeon, Studio Technologist


Aziza Chaouni, Professor, Daniels Faculty

Adrian Phiffer, Professor, Daniels Faculty

Anne Ma, Lecturer, Daniels Faculty

Jay Pooley, Lecturer, Daniels Faculty

Reza Nik, Lecturer, Daniels Faculty


Robin Boehlen, President, Daniels Art Directive 

Aliya Karmali, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Helia Mahdavian, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Mikah Morrison-Potvin, Member, Daniels Art Directive

Janet Ma, Curator, Daniels Art Directive


The Black Students Association at the University of Toronto (BSA)

Sandra Osazuwa, Black Graduate Students Association (BGSA), President 


Aziza Chaouni, Professor, Daniels Faculty

Adriana Williams, Vice-President External, Black Students Association (BSA) 

Bomani Khemet, Professor, Daniels Faculty

Tarek Mokhalalati, Curator, Daniels Art Directive

Special Thanks to

Black Students at Daniels (BSD)

The Forestry Graduate Students’ Association (FGSA)


Guershom Kitsa, Official Photographer